Questions & Answers

1. Do you offer pet parents a senior discount?
A. Yes, Alliance offers a 10% senior discount to pet parents who are 65 and older.

2. Will you stay overnight in our home for pet or house sitting?
A. Yes, pending schedule, overnight stays are available for both services. Hours are from 7:00PM-7:00AM.

3. Will you keep our pet at your home overnight or for several days and nights while we are out of town?
A. Sometimes depends on the pet, and what’s going on in my household. I do not provide kennel service as a general rule; but I will try to accommodate your pet as any other overnight guest.

4. Will you bathe our dog at my home?
A. Alliance prefers to bathe pets at their home in the bath tub, opposed to the back yard with a hose. This gives the bather the ability to control the temperature of the water and limits the pets’ movement, making it safer for the pets as well as the bather. After the bathing service is complete the tub and surrounding area is cleaned and your towels are placed in the designated area. All shampoo and other related supplies are to be provided by the pet parent. If there is an objection to bathing in the house the pet taxi service is available to transport pets to the groomer.

5. How often do you recommend bathing dogs?
A. Typically dogs, no matter what breed, need to be bathed once every four months. Regular baths depend on the breed, skin characteristics, fur length, fur coarseness, and sometimes age. After each bath the dog should be brushed thoroughly, and do not rush. If the dog is an indoor dog especially with fine hair, a brushing once every day, in the morning, is recommended. Otherwise, occasional brushing should suffice as a general rule.

6. Why should I entrust my pets and home with Alliance Pet Sitting Services, LLC?
A. Alliance is a professional service provider that always strives to provide excellent service ensuring your pets are in good hands. The company is bonded and insured and has undergone an extensive background check, as does everyone associated with Alliance, now and in the future.

7. While walking our dogs will you let the dogs off of the leash?
A. No, for the safety of the dogs we never let any dog off of the leash.

8. How many dogs do you walk at one time?
A. Up to two dogs will be walked at any one time, each with its own leash. If more than two dogs need to be walked they will be walked separately.

9. Do my pets need to be up to date on their shots?
A. Yes, several pets are visited every day. To ensure the safety of all of the pets in our care as well as your pet sitter Alliance does require all pets to be current on their vaccinations as well as flea prevention.

10. What happens if my pet becomes ill or is hurt while I am away?
A. Alliance has a current PETSAVER certification and is trained to handle pet emergencies. If deemed necessary your pet will be transported to your veterinarian or the closest animal emergency facility. Every effort will be made to reach you immediately and keep you up to date with your pet’s condition.

11. What forms of payment do you accept and when is payment due?
A. All payment must be paid in full prior to the scheduled service via Alliance Pet Sitting Services’ secure website. Accepted methods of payment include: Cash, Check, Debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

12. Can we give the pet sitter a gratuity?
A. Yes, you may give it to them directly or include it with the services payment. Please make a note in the comments section when making your payment, if you have included a gratuity for the pet sitter, to ensure the money gets in the right hand.

13. How are my house keys stored while in your possession?
A. Your house key is numbered in a way that it is not associated with your home address and stored in a lock box.

Alliance Pet Sitting Services provides Pet Sitting, Cat Care and Dog Walking, House Sitting, Pet Taxi and Other Pet Related Services.