Other Pet Services

At Alliance we know what a challenge it is to get all of the pet related errands taken care of. Busy schedules and daily lives sometimes get in the way of taking care of our little friends. Far too often we feel terrible getting home late to that beckoning bark only to realize our little buddy is out of food or water. Don’t let that happen and don’t stress about it. Alliance is at your service, help is on the way. Other pet services, frequently requested, include:

  • Pet Supplies Pick Up and Delivery Services¬† Other Pet Services
  • Pet Hygiene Services; bathing, hair comb out & brushing, drying, nail clipping,
    and teeth brushing
  • Litter Box Deep Cleaning Service
  • Yard Waste Cleanup Service
  • Kennel Cleaning Service
  • Other Deep Cleaning Services related to your pets

Alliance Pet Sitting Services believes in keeping it simple.
Order service in lots of time and customize the service to best meet your needs; and we’ll do the rest.

Hourly Care; 60-70 Minutes / $23 first hour / $20 each additional hour / $5 each additional 15min
Choose 1 hour increments of care. Best for Pet Taxi or Pet Supplies Pick Up and Delivery Services, Pet Hygiene Service, Yard Waste Cleanup Service, Kennel Cleaning, or other deep cleaning services related to your pets.

Quick Trip Service; 10 Minutes or Less / $15 per trip
Quick house check, transfer keys (pick up or drop off), check iron, coffee pot, stove, or dryer, turn off sprinkler, close windows, etc. Add to a scheduled Value, Regular, or Extended Visit for pet supplies to be pickup beforehand. Supplies will be placed in designated area. The associated expenses will be invoiced separately.

Alliance Pet Sitting Services provides Pet Sitting, Cat and Dog Walking, House Sitting, Pet Taxi and Other Pet Related Services.